Identifying risks and opportunities as early as possible


RCE Technology offers an independent and confidential due diligence (DD) service fully customized to investors’ objectives, criteria, methodologies and tools. RCE Technology’s due diligence service benefits from RCE Technology’s expertise as a rating agency and is designed to respond to investors’ needs for lean reporting.


To facilitate investment decisions and deal sourcing.


All investors engaged in inclusive finance and impact finance.

How does it work?

The due diligence service can be fully customized to the investor’s objectives, criteria, methodologies and tools. Upon request, RCE Technology can assist with fine-tuning selection criteria for future financial partners/investees. The scope of the due diligence process depends on the investor’s preference and may include assessment of the potential investee’s/financial partner’s financial, risk and strategic profile and validation of the information to be used in investment decision making. The due diligence service usually involves an onsite phase, but the approach can be tailored to specific needs.